Wigéns was founded in Tranås in 1906 by Oscar Wigén. The production of hats and caps already had a long tradition in the city at the time, and the most skilled workers were at Wigéns. Oscar Wigén was known to be extremely careful with details, and under his leadership the company became a leading name in the industry. When Oscar Wigén died in 1944, he donated the company to the employees and in 2013 it became a part of Amanda Christensen AB.

 Wigéns hats and caps stand for personal style and genuine quality. They’re made with craftsmanship-like methods and are accessories for men and women who want to combine a perfect fit with reliable functionality and independent expression. For over 114 years, we have been the natural choice for people with a strong sense of timeless fashion. Today, the headquarters are in Ulricehamn and manufacturing takes places at our factory in Estonia.



The baseball cap is probably the cap type that people currently use the most. It started to be worn in the early 20th century to protect baseball players from the sun and has since become a very prominent and popular cultural symbol. It is made from several triangular pieces of weaterproof fabric, but has a tighter fit and a larger peak than the Newsboy cap. Our baseball caps are available at                               Hatshop capstore H.Witting & Zn Hats Caps Fashion accessoires Oosterstraat 51 Groningen

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