Borsalino is the oldest Italian manufacture specialized in the production of luxury hats: a pioneer of Made in Italy, it is universally known for the extraordinary quality, the unmistakable style and the timeless elegance of its hats.

 Borsalino style and elegance give life to new creative experiments that enhance the singularity and peculiarity of each hat. Explosions of colors and shapes that echo glamour and its mysteries.

                                     felt in Borsalino's factory is produced by                                                                          by pressing togehter fibres using heat,

                                      moisture and pressure.

                                     hats are given shape using high-pressure

                                      water power.

                                     works on hats to be moulded in the hat 

                                     factory          .


                                     The hat manufacture was started in 1857

                                     by Guiseppe Borsalino


                                   the felt models require more than 50 manual

                                   steps and seven weeks of work to create


                                    Borsalino hats are producwd combining 

                                    industrial technology and craftsmanship.


                                    Many of Borsalino's workers have worked for the

                                   company for decades.


                                    the historic headquartes of the company in 

                                    Alessandria now host a university and a 

                                     Borsalino museum.



                                   Guiseppe Borsalino gave his name to a particular

                                   model of fedora usually linked to films such as 


                                     Borsalino hats for hatshop H.Witting & Zn

                                     Groningen Netherlands


                                    Borsalino hat


                                             Borsalino hats fedora Qualita Superiore

                                     Borsalino hats

                                      Borsalino has been representing tradition 

                                      and Made in Italy thanks to its quality 

and unmistakable style.

Borsalino Award Gran Prix at the Paris Exposition

Universelle,an important recoqnition of 

the quality of the quality of its hats

by hatshop H.Witting & Zn hats caps fashion accessoires

Oosterstraat 51 Groningen Netherlands



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